Ketamine Assessment


You need a referral sent to us by your GP or psychiatrist in order to have an assessment appointment. Your referral should indicate your physical and mental health, your past and recent treatments and copies of any written communication regarding your mental state.

If it is a self referral, we still need information from your GP or Psychiatrist about your previous physical and mental health. You will then be assessed by our consultant psychiatrist regarding suitability for treatment.

If your referral has insufficient information, your appointment will be delayed. Request copies of such documents from your previous doctors or the mental health service you came in contact with will make your appointment scheduled straight away.

Pre-treatment Assessment

Before you go on with the treatment, you will be assessed if you are suitable for the treatment. Patients who will undergo treatment must meet the following prerequisites listed below:

Prerequisites for Treatment

  • Suffering from depression and have tried other antidepressants for 6 consecutive weeks

  • Have tried a psychological therapy

  • Referred to us by a GP or psychiatrist

  • Be accompanied for safe travel for appointment and treatment

  • Be able to give constant ratings through email or SMS

  • Capable of completing online surveys regularly

  • Be able to know the goal of the treatment, its advantages, and side effects

Patients are unable to undergo treatment if they have the following health conditions listed below:

  • Increased intracranial pressure (pressure inside your skull)

  • Increased intraocular pressure (pressure inside the eye)

  • Severe hypertension

  • History of epilepsy

  • Smoking, having cannabis/marijuana, or any prohibited drugs

  • History of drug-induced manic episodes

  • Cannot keep from drinking alcohol for three days

  • Severe coronary heart disease or unstable angina


Once we verify that we have all the information we need in your referral, we will contact you through phone and let you make an assessment appointment. You need to provide us with your email address where we could send a confirmation letter.

We also need to register you to our mood monitoring system and Patients Know Best (PKB), a paperless notes system, using the email you gave. It is important to complete the PKB forms as soon as possible before the assessment to start observing you before the treatment.


We will review all the documents collected, the PKB forms, and monitoring data. We will ask you about your depression and help you if you are anxious about the treatment. We also need to know if you are willing to be reached via phone call and be able to share your experience of ketamine infusion treatment for future study.

We also need to take your vital signs like blood pressure, weight, and a blood test to have a baseline for the safe administration of ketamine. If you are suitable for the treatment, we will then ask you to sign the PKB treatment consent form, stating that you are willing to go through the treatment, aware of its potential side effects, and understand that ketamine is not yet approved for the treatment of depression.


After confirming your suitability for the treatment, you will be scheduled for three ketamine infusions. The three infusions are enough for us to determine whether or not you are a responder because many people who are receiving the first infusion do not have a response. We will give 1-2 infusions every week and if you are a responder, a further three infusions will be given as per our protocol. Take note that the ketamine dose may be regulated during the entire treatment.

After the assessment, we will inform your GP or psychiatrist about the details of the tratment. Your scheduled date and time of your ketamine appointment will be sent through email.