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Ketamine Treatment Review

My husband suddenly started experiencing severe panic attacks with no past experience of mental health troubles. We tried traditional medications (antidepressants/anxiolytics), but everything seemed to make his symptoms worse. He was unable to function and began sinking into a deep depression with suicidal ideation.

After spending weeks doing research on various treatments, we discovered Save Minds and the ketamine treatment that they provide. My husband and I attended the clinic twice weekly for four weeks. At the time, my husband felt as though the treatments weren’t helping him. However, I was seeing real change in him over time. He would often have a rough day or two after treatment but would see improvements in his ability to function and do normal daily living tasks. Throughout the process, Dr. Yadhu was extremely encouraging and supportive. He and Jay (the ODP) were both supportive of my husband as well as myself. It was very difficult to make the 3-hour journey to London, so at times I was quite emotional. Dr. Yadhu and Jay were both willing to listen to us and give appropriate advice. He didn’t just treat my husband with the ketamine. He consulted with other medical professionals in order to provide holistic care. Due to his dedication to finding the root cause instead of only treating symptoms, Dr. Yadhu mentioned that he had concerns that my husband may be suffering from Lyme disease.

He put us in contact with another practitioner who specializes in Lyme. Thanks to Dr. Yadhu, we now have the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment plan. My husband is functioning well. He is back in work, smiling, laughing and becoming more and more himself every day. I am so incredibly grateful that we took a chance on Save Minds. Without their help, we would still be lost. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering with severe treatment resistant anxiety/depression. Please, don’t give up. There is always hope.

If you or someone you may know is suffering from a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety, contact our Ketamine Treatment Clinic in London and schedule your consultation today.

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