Life Coach for Depression

Looking for a life coach? Depression has become common phenomena within our current society; it is a serious medical condition that is increasingly common feeling that is described as sad, unhappy, blue, down in the dumps, or miserable. Clinical depression is a condition in which these feelings of anger, loss, sadness or frustration interfere with how an individual function in everyday life; this interference is experienced by the individual for an extended period of time. Because of this, individuals with depression are recommended to seek treatment at our Save Minds Clinic. However, patients that have managed their depression, especially those that wish to thrive rather than survive it, may be helped by a depression life coach. A life coach can also help an individual that, though they may not suffer clinical depression, may struggle with mild depression.

Life Coach Responsibilities

In the same way that a typical coach of a sports team will look to encourage specific skills and specialised training, a life coach directs a patient to those behaviours that will ensure they successfully avoid relapse. However, a life coach, just like one on a sports team, also has several other responsibilities, including helping their patients to:

– Cope with stress and pressure;
– Set their performance targets;
– Develop and maintain a vision, serving as their life’s purpose;
– Maintain their motivation towards this vision;
– Deal with any negative beliefs that are likely to hinder with their performance;
– Stay focused on the goals they are to achieve; and
– Analyse their performance.

Our life coaches

Our life coaches at Save Minds often, with the input of the patient, recommend several tools that the patient may use to reduce their chances of a relapse, including:

– Journaling;
– Tracking of goals;
– Completion of action items and homework assignments; and
– Completion of assessments and forms.