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Ketamine Infusion Therapy In London

For people with depression, even those who have previously resisted other types of treatment, Ketamine infusion therapy may be a suitable aspect of a sophisticated care plan. Traditional antidepressants follow a familiar strategy; they increase the supply of a certain class of neurotransmitters within the synapses (the part of the neurons that send electrical or chemical signals). These synapses are thought to have a role in depression. Though the antidepressants may not work for some, they typically take a week or more to take effect, and some people who have previously resisted other forms of antidepressants may fail to respond to such treatment at all.

Fast & Efficient Relief for Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.

As the traditional forms of treatment take a long time to take effect, it suggests that their medication-induced changes in neurotransmitters are ‘several steps’ away from the processes that are at the root of what really causes depression. Ketamine infusion therapy breaks the traditional approach, hailing the potential discovery of rapidly acting antidepressants that, work from around 6 hours, as opposed to after 6 weeks.


Our doctors have been practicing their profession for years, highly trained, and gained the trust of many of our clients. Their goal is to provide the optimum level of care, and with this, they were able to earn exemplary recognition in their respective specialization.


Dr Yadhu Rajalingam – CEO and Director

Dr. Yadhu has over 25 years of experience as a qualified medical professional. He is a consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, part of the University College London. He is co-founder of Smart Life – Cenegenics UK, the world’s largest age management programme for physical and mental wellbeing and is the Founder of Save Minds Clinic UK, the first private Ketamine Clinic for treating people with treatment-resistant depression. Yadhu is passionate about healthy ageing and has been involved with age management research for many years. Being an anaesthesiologist and Critical Care Medicine specialist has used Ketamine for more than 25 years and is working very closely with Oxford Mental Health Institute (University Of Oxford) for establishing and growth of the Save Minds Clinic.


Patrick Morton – VP Business Development and Director

Patrick is a capital markets professional with 17 years experience, primarily with global investment banking firms RBC Capital Markets and Macquarie Securities in equity research.  He is the co-founder of Cannabis Invest UK, which hosts the largest professional cannabis investment conference in the UK and Europe, featuring $50 billion of presenting companies and $100 billion of investors AUM.  He is former CEO of Supreme Heights Limited a venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage UK and European CBD startups. Patrick holds a Bcomm with Distinction from McGill University and is a CFA Charterholder.

james Clifton

James Clifton – Integral Psychotherapist, Dip-Psych, MBACP

For more than 3 decades James has studied many of the world’s perennial philosophies and engaged fully in a number of the great contemplative wisdom traditions, with specific interest in extra-ordinary states of consciousness and psychedelics.  Trained formally in 1996 in transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling and integral coaching and with 25 years of experience working with depression, trauma and addiction, he is uniquely experienced at tracking tension and points of change and developmental growth in individuals and groups.  James brings many years of experience guiding others through legal psychedelic facilitation, preparation and integration support, which allows him to fully understand the role of these compounds as catalysts for authentic transformation.


Dr Balu Pitchiah – Psychiatrist

Dr Balu is a medical Doctor and a Consultant Psychiatrist in Central London working both in the National Health Service, United Kingdom and Private Practice. Voted as the “Doctor of the year 2018”, by the readers of Asian Voice in the United Kingdom, he is well known for his holistic mental, emotional and behavioural health work focused on reducing the impact in common mental health problems on the functioning of individuals and groups.  Dr Balu had the privilege of studying and working with some of the most accomplished entrepreneurial minds in information technology, media, real estate, sports and business. He developed an interest in Organisational behaviour and the impact of emotions on decision making in the financial services industry. He retains a keen interest in the field of neuro-economics and behavioural finance. During his work within the Investment Management sector, he was able to help several professionals successfully overcome anxiety, anger, fear, procrastination, obsessional tendencies and addictions. He observed a clear positive change and emotional wellbeing in teams he was working with. He has expertise in working with high achievers and people with Type A personalities helping them achieve their full potential while minimising the impact of their emotional problems on their work and family life. His treatment approach is holistic, tailored to individual needs working in collaboration with his clients, whom he believes are the experts in their own condition. Dr Balu is committed to helping his clients achieve their full potential and enjoy a state of physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual wellness. His other interests include the use of technology in improving access to healthcare, integrated physical and mental health care and promotion of health and wellness. Dr Balu is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, American Psychiatric Association, and the USA. He completed his MBA from the University of Oxford, UK.


Dr. Vimal Sivasanker is a consultant in general adult psychiatry, who offers treatment for a wide range of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and complex psychological problems such as bipolar affective disorder (manic depression) and psychosis. Dr. Sivasanker has consulting rooms at the London Medical Centre, Harley Street, London. Dr. Vimal Sivasanker has an interest in neuromodulation for psychiatric disorders and is currently Vice-Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Committee on ECT and Related Treatments. In addition, he is involved in developing and revising national standards for these services and conducting peer reviews. He also has an interest in medical education and has written on this and developed training competencies for the College, as well as delivering training at local, national, and international levels.


Dr. Paul Morrison – Psychiatrist

Dr Paul Morrison is a private psychiatrist in London. He has over 20 years experience in the treatment of mental illness. He is recognised as an expert in pharmacology and neuroscience. Paul is committed to the best, most modern practice in psychiatry. He writes a blog to make topics in contemporary psychiatry readable and accessible. He continues to see patients as an NHS consultant psychiatrist. Paul is an academic psychiatrist. He is a clinical senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London. He is also an honorary senior lecturer at University College London. Paul lectures on a number of postgraduate courses in neuroscience, psychiatry and addiction. He is also an external examiner in neuroscience and mental health at Imperial College London. As a leading UK psychiatrist, Paul manages a high-quality research programme. His group have achieved very important clinical findings with the molecule Cannabidiol. Paul is in demand as a speaker at scientific meetings for psychiatrists worldwide. Maudsley Guidelines Advanced prescribing in psychosis cover. Paul is the lead author on the highly-regarded Maudsley Guidelines on Advanced Prescribing in Psychosis. Paul’s clinical philosophy is to create a space in which the patient and their psychiatrist can work together in close collaboration to enhance insight and recovery. The aim is swift and sustained relief from symptoms and disability, taking advantage of the best and most recent developments in psychopharmacology.


Joyce Dallimore MA Couns. (CBT) – Integral Psychotherapist

Mrs Dallimore holds a Master Of Arts Degree in Counselling (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) from the University of Wales College, Newport. She worked as a counsellor in the Primary Health Care Team for three GP Practices in the Cardiff Area for 17 years. She also supervised and helped to manage the counselling service for Torfaen MIND, the mental health charity and worked as a voluntary counsellor for Mind. She has worked for After Adoption Wales counselling people who are affected by adoption issues. She is qualified as a supervisor and is available to offer supervision to professional counsellors as well as those in training.

J Dallimore CBT, EMDR, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Mrs. J. M. Dallimore MA Counselling (CBT), EMDR Accredited. H.G.Dip.P. Dip. Couns, Cert.Ind. Clinical Supervision. EMDR Accredited Therapist. A fully qualified Human Givens Therapist. Accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and psychotherapists. Registered by the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors as a Reg. Ind Counsellor. Gestalt trained Couple/Relationship Therapist. Ex NHS Counsellor, 17 years service.. Diploma in Life Coaching from ‘The Coaching Academy’ . Personal Performance Coach.


Sacha Khan – Integral Psychotherapist

Sacha Khan completed his undergraduate degree in economics at UCL in 1994. His focus on game theory and western philosophy led to an increasing interest in the interactions between belief and behaviour. He subsequently embarked upon training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with the National College, and became UKCP registered four years later. At that time, his practice specialized in performance enhancement and the mental aspects of physical illness and pain. Sacha went on to complete his Masters degree in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural therapy at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. In 2002 he joined the nationally-renowned institution The Priory, Roehampton as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist working in all aspects of adult mental health including anxiety disorders, depression, somatoform disorders, post-traumatic disorders and schizophrenia. Sacha completed further training in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy with Oxford University and now uses this (as per the NICE guidelines) as an approach for, amongst other things, significantly reducing relapse in depressive illness. He has taken this focus on mindfulness-based therapy, as well as acceptance and commitment therapy, into his current practice. Sacha is also interested in EMDR both as an approach to trauma-related illness and as a way of unlocking and processing unpleasant memories to greatly enhance individual potential.


Raj Yadhunanthanan – Operations Manager

Raj is responsible for the day to day operation of Save Minds. He holds an LLB law degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice with Commendation. He is the founder of the fitness technology company Rotator Shield.

Why Choose Us

A means to restore pleasure-seeking behaviours

There are, however, a few potential disadvantages to Ketamine infusion therapy. For one, it is administered intravenously. Second, its effects are considered transient (transitory). Third, due to its powerful effects, the client must be monitored continuously. In a study on the use of Ketamine infusion therapy and its effects on patients in the depressive phase of bipolar disorder, Ketamine was shown to restore pleasure-seeking behaviors in the subjects. These effects were achieved independently from the use of antidepressants, and also far ahead of them.

Ketamine infusion therapy follows the following procedure:

A safe and secure procedure

This involves taking the client through a step-by-step explanation of how they can obtain the referrals and documents required, the various indications and contraindications contained within them. Most importantly, we will also, together with the client, determine how quickly they are likely to respond to Ketamine.

The client is then educated on the various risks that are posed by Ketamine. The treatment targets the neurotransmitters, which can lead to side effects, the majority of which are manageable. The client is then walked through the benefits of Ketamine infusion therapy.

Whilst administering the treatment, we ensure that you, the client, will be as comfortable as possible. We administer treatment at our state-of-the art clinic, that is equipped with heart monitors that also monitor respiratory status, covering all bases.


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