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Ketamine Cost

How Much Does Ketamine Treatment Cost?

Initial Consultation – £645.00

An initial  consultation  priced at £645.00* (non-refundable) will  include:

•  A psychiatrist appointment

•  Full panel of blood tests

•  Psychotherapist session

•  ECG (Electrocardiogram)

* Discounts applicable for providing own blood tests, own ECG and own psychiatrist referral

Once  the above has been  completed and confirmed suitability for treatment, you will receive 6  sessions of  ketamine infusion  treatment in a period of 3 weeks. If there is a good response and if you and our medical team feel it may be advisable to have 2 or more treatments, we will proceed to give 1 infusion every week for two more weeks. However, if the treatment response is very good, there is no need for further treatment and you will be followed up on a regular basis.

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