Ketamine Infusion Procedure by Save Minds at Smart Clinics

Save Minds, a division of Smart Clinics Family Medical Centres, provides ketamine infusion procedure for depression, and in particular, for those patients that may have resisted previous treatments. It happens that the number of people who do not respond to antidepressants represents about 30% of all depressed people on average. Considering that antidepressants are specifically designed to target and improve an individual’s basic ability to function – a non-success rate of one in three is significant.

It is also known that, save for ketamine infusion treatment for depression, there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in pharmaceutical treatment for depression for some time. Experts within the field, particularly those who specialise in depression and suicide, agree that there is a need to develop a way of supporting patients feel better more rapidly than the typical wait time of 4 – 8 weeks that traditional antidepressants take to affect.

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Rapid wide-ranging benefit

Ketamine continues to attract broad attention is as it has been shown to have a rapid effect on most patients, especially those that have shown resistance to other forms of treatments for depression. One dose of ketamine infusion treatment for depression will typically kick in within hours of its administration, with its subsequent benefits felt for up to one week. Doctors in the US, due to its rapid onset, will often administer ketamine to emergency room patients who have attempted to suicide.

Depression is considered complex because of how diverse it is – symptoms typically exist in a spectrum; however, ketamine appears to present patients with wide ranging benefits across these symptoms. In fact, it has been shown to influence positive effects in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (‘PTSD’), anxious bipolar depression, suicidal thoughts and loss of pleasure (or anhedonia).

A new ketamine infusion procedure in a state-of-the-art setting

Ketamine infusion therapy follows the following procedure:

1. Assessment: this involves taking the client through a step-by-step explanation of how they can obtain the referrals and documents required, the various indications and contraindications contained within them. Most importantly, at Save Minds, we will also, and together with the client, determine how quickly the latter will respond to ketamine.

2. Risks and benefits: the client is then educated on the various risks that are posed by ketamine. As the treatment targets the neurotransmitters within the synapses, they pose some side effects, many of which are manageable. The client is then walked through the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy; and

3. Treatment: whilst administering treatment, we ensure that you, the client, will be as comfortable as possible. We administer treatment at our state-of-the art clinic that is equipped with heart monitors that also monitor respiratory status, covering all paramedic bases.