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Ketamine Clinic in London

London's Premier Ketamine Infusion Therapy Provider

The closest ketamine clinic in London is at our Save Minds Clinics in the heart of London; our facility is not only convenient but also offers ketamine as a new treatment for individuals with depression that has yet to respond to other treatments.

The facility offers a paid-for service to patients that have been referred to them either by a psychiatrist or GP. Ketamine’s effects, the foundation states, in several clinical trials conducted in the past 15 years, have been shown to act like a brief yet rapid antidepressant.

Ketamine infusion therapy is performed at our Save Minds Clinics; initial treatment will typically consist of three ketamine infusions administered to the patient over a three-week period. It is important to note that the service provided is ‘private’ or ‘paid-for – this means that patients will be required to establish their own funding arrangements.

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Our Services

Given its proximity to London, our Save Minds Clinics are an easy and convenient find in the city of London. In addition to ketamine infusion therapy, the foundation offers more than 100 services including those around mental health, physiotherapy, sexual health, and community nursing. To get an assessment appointment at the facility, a patient will need to obtain a referral from their psychiatrist or GP, and also include:

  • Their mental and physical health
  • Any previous and current treatments
  • Copies of communications regarding their mental health

Patient criteria

To receive treatment, a patient must:

  • Suffer from recurrent bouts of depression
  • Be resistant to two other treatments, each of a different kind, run for a minimum period of 6 weeks and at an appropriate dose
  • Have been referred to the foundation by either a psychiatrist or GP
  • Have tried, at the minimum, at least one type of psychological treatment
  • Be willing to communicate frequently around depression ratings
  • Be able to travel for treatment and appointments
  • Be willing to regularly complete online questionnaires

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