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Ketamine Clinics

What Save Minds Offers

Ketamine clinics for depression offer Ketamine-assisted treatments for major depression; sufferers of depression that have resisted previous forms of medicated treatment are the best candidates for this type of treatment. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug, based on Ketamine, for the treatment of people with severe depression.

Esketamine is administered in the form of a nasal spray; it was approved because it showed that depressive symptoms in individuals could be relieved within hours of use. The drug is the first drug of its kind approved within the last 30 years, highlighting the potential that it possesses. In the UK, some groups, such as our Save Minds Clinics, offer Ketamine-assisted treatment for those suffering major depression. However, because the nasal spray has not been approved in the UK, it has to be administered through intravenous infusion, a process that is significantly more labour intensive.

Ketamine infusion therapy for depression near london uk

What to Expect

At our Save Minds Clinics, we offer the best treatment options for depression; as part of our process, we ensure that we assess the application presented by the patient, including ensuring that they are referred to us for treatment.

Once they pass this stage, they are made to understand the risks and benefits posed by the treatment before commencing Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

During treatment, the best treatment centres for depression, such as Save Minds Clinics, will monitor your vital signs and provide a team to watch in case a patient experience unfavourable side effects.

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Ketamine treatment centres may be able to help patients, particularly those suffering from repeated or major depression, to reduce their symptoms of depression.

Research suggests that 70% of patients that suffer from major depression or have had a resistant depression experience an improvement in their moods.

This improvement is noted to persist for at least a day, with 30% of these patients experiencing these positive mood changes for at least three days.

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