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Restless Leg Syndrome

Ketamine for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Treatment

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition impacting a section of the nervous system that creates an urge to move the legs sporadically. Numerous Physicians look at RLS as a sleep condition since it has a tendency to happen or becomes worse when you first get to sleep.

What Does RLS Feel Like?

The main signs and symptom of RLS is an impulse to move the legs. Typical accompanying aspects of RLS include:

  • Sensations that begin soon after sleep. The sensation frequently begins after you’ve been resting or sitting for a prolonged amount of time, for instance, like in a car, airplane, or cinema.
  • Relief with movement. The feeling of RLS decreases with movement, which includes stretching, wiggling your legs, pacing, or going for walks.
  • Symptoms worsen during the evening. Signs and symptoms happen primarily during the night.
  • Leg twitching at night: RLS could possibly be connected with an added and more common disorder called Periodic Limb Movement of Sleep, which triggers your legs to twitch and kick, quite possibly throughout the night, while you rest.

Individuals usually describe RLS indicators as unusual, uncomfortable feelings in their legs or feet. They normally happen on each side of the body. Much less common, the sensations can affect the arms in some cases.

The success of ketamine can differ from patient to patient. Just like any other treatment or medication, ketamine does not work for everyone. Nonetheless, ketamine has shown an amazing response rate in relation to treating depression symptoms with up to 71% of patients reporting improvements in their condition.

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