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Save Minds Infusion Center is leading the way for a new and innovative therapy in London, UK, for mood and pain disorders,  and treatment-resistant depression.

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Dr Rajalingam Yadhunanthanan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

I realised the influence psychedelics can exert on the human mind during my formative years in medicine when I had several encounters with academics, scientists, and religious personalities. This belief was reimposed during a pilgrimage to the Himalayas when the practice of mediation, mindfulness, and self-realisation was taught to me. The interest took a back burner with my focus on training in anaesthesiology followed by specialising in intensive care medicine. 

As an intensivist, we understand almost all organ physiology, but the brain and mind is ever a challenge. I have used this Psychedelic medicine for more than 30 years and know very well the intense dream-like state the medication causes during the treatment. When it became known to me the potential role of this world-renowned medicine could in the treatment of depression, I pursued it with intense focus and realised its ‘break through’ status and the rapid effect it can bring to relieve depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

I have lost my closest friend and personally experienced the trauma and distress it can bring to the people suffering from mental health illnesses, their families, and their loved ones. This disease does not affect one person but affects the whole society and yet we do not focus enough to understand the causes and alleviate the sufferings.

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Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

The single organising idea of Save Minds is to fill this vacuum and use scientifically proven psychedelic medicines in a safe clinical environment to bring rapid, lasting relief and save minds and change lives. We aim to deliver a cost-effective treatment option to as many people as possible and provide the necessary evidence and support to enable NHS to provide this treatment to people who can’t afford privately funded treatment. 

Our focus is ‘Brain Health’ and we will introduce the latest technology, nutritional supplements, and advanced therapy to optimise mental well-being and use the available resources to advance the understanding by participating in audits and research.

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